This is very beautiful, thank you so much Alexandra for taking the time to write this up and share it. I've always been curious about Burning Man but have been on the fence. The ethos & philosophy around Boom sounds much more palatable.

I also really appreciate that you included a reflection on this:

> One challenge at Boom is wanting to have a magical time but not having a magical time. I spent several days magic-hunting—going here, going there, and having moments of magic but feeling a little let down.

I feel like I often go to experiences like this where people report such transcendence and feel disappointed that not every moment is magical (It's hot, I'm thirsty, I didn't sleep well, it's crowded, I need some alone time, etc. etc. etc.) but it's a good reminder for me to hear that a beautiful experience doesn't mean or need to have every moment be transcendent.

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passing the time under a tree with no agenda sounds like pure bliss 💓

thank you for letting us peek into your experience! now i’ve got the being gathering on my radar 👀

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Can you put a price on the sublime? 🥹

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